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Recruitment and Selection – Direct and Recommended Search.

To gain the largest group of candidates fulfilling employer's requirements we use a number of recruiting sources. In addition to traditional procedures, such as advertisements on the most recognized employment websites, our project managers with a team of consultants base their activities on direct search.

Our main sources of attaining top-notch workers are recommendations, career social media and the company's CV database of specialists, managers and engineers.

Thanks to the combination of these methods, we always reach the best candidates available on the labor market.


The execution time of orders is between 1 and 3 weeks from signing the contract and order.


We work on a basis of 'success fee', which allows our clients to pay for the service when the candidate recommended by us signs a contract or a letter of intention with the employer.


Our service is covered by warranty. If within the probationary period of a selected candidate the employment contract is terminated by either side we will guarantee a replacement candidate without any additional fees.

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Project Manager
Natalia Silarska
tel. +48 (17) 86 26 158
tel. kom. +48 504 170 500

For new Investors in Poland


Managing Partner 
Przemysław Lewandowski
tel. kom +48 500 026 500

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