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Assessment and Development Center service is the most effective method of comprehensive evaluation of a candidates' potential. The test consists of individual and group tests performed by participants. Tasks are adapted to real situations that one may have to deal with every day. As a result of observation, we are able to assess the level of professional experience of individuals for the positions they apply for. We can also design a career path, identify training needs or diagnose conflict within the organization. The main objective of AC is to select the best candidate for the job. In the case of DC the most important aims are professional development and the self-improvement of workers.

Employee Assessment „360 degree”

The method of "360 degree" evaluation is to provide participants with a feedback on their competencies, to inspire them to plan their own development or modify behavior in the workplace on the basis of the Extended Disc system. When receiving feedback, employees have to assess themselves, so they can compare opinions of third parties with their own perception of themselves.

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